Finnegan "Zam" Coleman


Finnegan Coleman (Elf)
3 6 3 (5) 2 8 5 5 3 1 6 6

10 + 3d6 10 + 3d6 10 + 2d6 10 + 3d6 5 + DP + 3d6 5 + DP + 4d6


Qualities: Adept, Ambidextrous, Low-Light Vision, Mentor Spirit (Peacemaker), The Speaker’s Way

Active Skills: Clubs 8, Con 12, Disguise 9, Etiquette 14, Gymnastics 8, Impersonation 12, Intimidation 11, Leadership 11, Locksmith 7, Negotiation 18, Palming 11, Perception 10, Performance 12, Pistols 14, Sneaking 8

Knowledge Skills: Area Knowledge: Seattle 8, English N, Firearms 6, Gangs 8, Japanese 8, Security Tactics 8, Spirits 8, Underworld 6, Yakuza 8

Weapon Pool ACC DMG AP Mode RC
Ares Crusader II 5 7 7P – SA/BF 3
Concealed Quick-Draw Holster, Gas-Vent 2 System, Smartgun System, Internal
Defiance EX Shocker 14 4 9S(e) -5 SS 1
Hidden Gun Arm Slide
Defiance EX Shocker 14 4 9S(e) -5 SS 1
Hidden Gun Arm Slide
Survival Knife 5 5 4P -1 1
Concealed Quick-Draw Holster
Unarmed Attack 5 4 2S – 1
Combat Skill Rtg
Clubs 8
Pistols 14
Armor (14)
Armor Jacket 12
Helmet 2
Flashlight, InfraredMicro-TransceiverTrodes
Vashon Island: Synergist Business Line 9
(w/ Custom Fit)
Concealable Holster

Powers: Cool Resolve 2, Enhanced Perception 2, Facial Sculpt 1, Improved Ability (skill) (Pistols) 2, Improved Reflexes 2, Nimble Fingers, Rapid Draw

Gear: Ammo: APDS x80, Ammo: Regular Ammo x50, Ammo: Taser Dart x20, Certified Credstick, Silver x2, Fake License, Fake License, Fake License, Fake SIN (Rating 3) (Bamber Gascoigne), Fake SIN (Rating 4) (Duke Araja), Gecko Tape Gloves, Glasses [Flare Compensation; Thermographic Vision; Vision Enhancement 1] , Hermes Ikon, Micro-Transceiver, Spare Clip x2, Spare Clip x2


In the small hours of Tuesday, July 12, 2044, in a cramped efficiency unit in Los Angeles, twins were born to Ebenezer and Rieko Coleman: elven boy Finnegan Yoshihara Coleman at 2:49 am, and human boy Solomon Kodama Coleman at 3:11am. Eagerly anticipated by their human mother and elven father, both boys were vigorous and healthy, and Ben and Rieko were pleased to start the new phase of their family life.

Their joy at the expansion of their family was tainted by stressful circumstance, however. The devastating pollution of the Green Tide affected Solomon badly, and the resulting allergies rendered him somewhat sicklier than his older brother. Unrest over CalFree’s reticence in cleaning up the pollution sparked a number of conflicts with government forces. A hacker sabotaged the 2046 gubernatorial elections, destroying all the electronic ballots, and for the CalFree government, that was the last straw. Troops marched into the infamous “El Infierno”, the slum neighborhood where Ben and Rieko lived with their infant sons. The resulting massacre claimed the lives of thousands of civilians, and Ben and Rieko knew they could not stay. Paying a coyote shaman to sneak them past the barriers, the Colemans fled the newly designated Free City of Los Angeles and emigrated to Seattle in late 2046. The UCAS exclave was Rieko’s birthplace, and she still held citizenship there. Unfortunately, Rieko’s decision to marry an elf had been taken as a profound betrayal by her family, and she was not welcomed with open arms. Faced with the intransigent bigotry of Rieko’s human family, the couple was forced to relocate to the Redmond District.

Ben and Rieko had long before chosen to eschew the megacorp wage-slave lifestyle, and their years in El Infierno were evidence of their willingness to sacrifice comfort for freedom. Rieko had always been able to find work as a trid repair tech, and Ben’s training as a simsense engineer had proved to be a skill in high demand amongst the BTL addicts of El Infierno. However, life in the Redmond Barrens proved to be significantly more difficult. Several initial missteps when dealing with the prevailing criminal enterprises of the area proved to be insurmountable barriers to entry for the Colemans. Eventually, they decided to attempt to parlay Ben’s skiill and experience into a position with a megacorp.

This was easier said than done, unfortunately. The sins of Ben’s youth came back to haunt him, and his SIN was flagged in the databases of several corporations as indicative of an unruly worker. Effectively blacklisted from the rolls of the megacorps, Ben had to settle for freelance engineering work. The stresses of life in the Barrens and the inconsistent income of freelance work eventually took their toll on the elf, and much of his free time would find him zoned out on Bliss, much to Rieko’s helpless chagrin.

When sober, Ben was a doting father to their two children. Often doing domestic duty thanks to his erratic work schedule, Ben was fond of taking the boys on excursions throughout the region, whether into Seattle proper or the less dangerous areas of the Barrens. On one memorable occasion, Ben brought them along on an emergency job for a man he introduced them to as “Uncle Elwyn”. The boys quickly took to the nattily-dressed dwarf, and it was thus that both Finn and Sol got an early view of the shadowy side of life in the Sixth World.

Ben would go on to suffer through countless cycles of getting clean, staying sober for several weeks, and then falling off the wagon, until his death on July 11, 2059. Ben was one of many killed on the ground on when Flight 1118 crashed into the Barrens. His body was found near the Salish-Sidhe border with burns and bruises, but no obviously fatal injuries. His cause of death was recorded as shock. It was never discovered what he was doing in that area, as his home was far from there, and he did not have his toolkit with him.

After Ben’s death, Rieko threw herself into her work, spending upwards of 14 hours a day at different worksites across Seattle. Having gained a reputation as a competent and discreet technician, she was able to provide a relatively stable life for her boys, although she was frequently baffled and frustrated by them. Sol had an intensely curious nature and affinity for all things technical, and Rieko would often find him deep in VR for hours at a time, utterly forgetful of his domestic duties. But Sol was far less trouble to his mother than the the willful, disobedient, and manipulative child that Finn proved to be.

As a child, Finn was startlingly beautiful, but puberty rounded out those physical charms, making him a blandly attractive young man. His quick wit and persuasive charm, honed throughout his childhood, proved to be his most enduring trait. Finn learned early on that he could talk his way out of, through, or into anything. His father, deeply fond of the boy, proved to be a soft touch, and Finn found that he could extract virtually any promise or treat from him. After the death of his father just shy of his 15th birthday, Finn became rebellious and demanding, arbitrarily pitting his will against that of his mother. Rieko would often come home after a long day at work to find their unit a mess, the trid blaring, and Sol huddled in a corner with his VR gear. Invariably, Finn was nowhere to be found, only returning from carousing on the streets long after he was supposed to be home.

With neither the patience nor the aptitude for the structured learning provided by school, Finn dropped out as soon as he was able (much to the relief of the truant officers who were tired of carting him home to his furious mother). On his 18th birthday, he left home to live with a few friends in a squat near the old Crash Zone. The next couple of years found Finn scrounging for survival in the streets of the Redmond Barrens. While he could often be found ingratiating himself with different street gangs, he didn’t really have the temperament to join one. He witnessed a gang hit that was enough of a near miss to leave him badly shaken, and he became convinced that the street life was not for him. Determined not to die a blissed-out junkie like his father and contemptuous of the work-filled existence of his mother, Finn turned to the only thing he felt he could rely on: his charm.

By March of 2064, he had managed to talk his way into a job working at a new Novatech satellite office. The temporary position had opened up in anticipation of the megacorp’s recently announced IPO, scheduled to take place in November. Though the job called for many hours of tedious, mindless work, Finn managed to avoid the more boring aspects of the job by manipulating his coworkers and supervisor. While there, he used the chaos of the hectic office to steal credsticks from the petty cash for his little brother and minor electronics to give to friends in the Barrens. When the missing items were noticed, he framed a co-worker for the thefts. In the wake of the Matrix Crash 2.0, he used the contacts he had made at the satellite office to take a job at a subsidiary company called Visionary Design Works as a sales representative. For the next few years, Finn engaged his ambition for an easier life of less work by jumping at opportunities that came up (or by creating them by any means necessary if none presented themselves). He never stayed in a job for more than 6 months, and was always careful to foist blame for any bad acts onto an unsuspecting sucker. In the meantime, he fenced whatever he could get away with stealing, slipping money to his little brother every time he visited (but only when his mother was at work, naturally).

When he was 25 years old, he was working as a scooter courier for a small firm in downtown Seattle. An ork who called himself Schmidt Giftzunge was witness to one of Finn’s manipulative scams, and offered him a job more in line with Finn’s particular talents.

Over the next several months, Schmidt would meet Finn in public, never the same place twice, and pay him small amounts of money to do ostensibly innocuous and bizarre things.
After several months of such work, the jobs Schmidt would give him became more difficult, less innocuous, and better paying. Eventually, the jobs he was given became dangerous, and after one narrow escape from an extremely confused and angry troll, Finn’s sense of self-preservation elbowed his curiosity out from under its blanket of nuyen. Calling up his brother, Finn explained the events of the past several months, and asked him to look into Schmidt Giftzunge. What Sol found worried him: Schmidt Giftzunge didn’t exist. In fact, the name Giftzunge wasn’t even a name, it was German for “poison tongue.” Despite a number of tacks that Finn took, he could never seem to get a handle on the ork.

Finn’s last meeting with Schmidt was not unusual: outdoors, a public space, middle of the day, several avenues of approach. As Finn emerged from the shade of a canopied walkway, he could see Schmidt sitting on a bench in the center of the sunlit plaza, clearly engaging with AR. Finn approached the ork, and Sol’s voice crackled in his ear.

“Uh, Finn, there’s a lot of activity here.”

“Yeah, I’m sure, the place has got to be lousy with spam. We’re in the middle of — “

“No, Finn, I mean, yeah, but there’s…oh shit. Finn, listen, you’ve got to — ”

By this point, Finn had approached the spot where Schmidt was patiently waiting. Finn, stomach plummeting for no good reason he could tell, said, “So, what do you have for me?”

Schmidt stared up at him and bared his tusks in a terrified grimace, and said, “I can’t do it anymore, I don’t care what you do, I’m not going to pay you another cent!”

Aghast, Finn could only stare, Dimly, he heard Sol screaming at him in his earbud. When the magnified voice rolled out over the plaza ordering him to stop, he suddenly realized that he was already running, out of the sunny plaza, fleeing into the shadows.

“26 year old Redmond native Finnegan Coleman is being sought for questioning in connection with an extortion scheme that has allegedly targeted a number of local politicians. Coleman was last seen fleeing on foot from Lone Star officers in Park Place Plaza. Sources in Lone Star state that a sting was organized in cooperation with one of the victims of Coleman’s scheme, who wishes to remain anonymous. If you have seen Finnegan Coleman or have knowledge of his whereabouts, please contact the Vigilance Reward department at any Lone Star office.”

The unexpected refusal of the anonymous victim to testify (much to the District Attorney’s chagrin) helped Finn avoid serious jail time, but it wasn’t enough to keep him from being convicted of a lesser charge of 2nd Degree Felonious Harassment. His SIN was flagged as a criminal, and Finn was looking at 3 months of jail and a ¥10,000 fine. However, on the recommendation of the detective attending the hearing, the judge instead sentenced him to 2000 hours of community service at Kaur’s Farm near the Salish-Sidhe border, run by a troll named Barghat Singh. A year of the first manual labor in his life was better than the prospect of jail, but it still felt like doom. But it was nothing compared to seeing the shame in his little brother’s eyes and hearing his mother coldly say that she never wanted to see him again.

Finnegan "Zam" Coleman

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