Gang Leader of the Ancients


1 3 Sting’s been a top officer in the
Ancients, the all-elven gang, for … like,
ever.  they’d follow her anywhere.
2 6 Sting was second in command back
about twenty-five years ago, then was
co-Captain for years.  e Ancients
really grew under her leadership, even
if she didn’t get all the credit.  they’ll
hit anywhere in Seattle, I hear.
3 10 Her disagreeable partner, Green
Lucifer, got bumped up to the whole
West Coast, leaving her in charge.
 e chapter’s still going strong, with
several hundred members scattered
around the Sprawl. Some of ‘em
branch out into legit merc work,
smuggling, all kinds of stuff .


Sting is one legendary leader of the Seattle chapter of the
Ancient’s go-gang, with her long-time rival, Green Lucifer, having
left the Sprawl lately to take over West Coast operations. She’s
been a head of Seattle’s premier all-elf gang for longer than many
of her underlings have been alive, and there’s a genuine sense of
confidence beneath her street-rat aggression. She’s had her razor
tipped fingers on the pulse of Seattle for decades, and nothing the
Sixth World has thrown at her has really rattled her, yet.

Sting has straight dark hair, never going for the mohawks or
green-dyed hair some other Ancients enjoy. She wears slashed up
Ancients racing leathers with plenty of hard-edged spikes, chrome,
chains, and the like.


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