Chaaya Singh

Female Human


Chaaya’s physical appearance is utterly unremarkable except
for two features. First, she looks particularly frail and ungainly,
evidence of the extreme neglect she suffered as a child.  The fact
that she was malnourished will be readily apparent to anyone
with the Medicine skill. Secondly, she has piercing green eyes that
most people  find incredibly unsettling. Her eyes alternate between
animal intensity and vacant lolling, appearing as though she is
trapped in a world of her own.

Chaaya is one of Singh’s adopted daughters. She was brought
here   fifteen years ago by Hua, who discovered her in a locked room
while responding to a report of “foul smells” emanating from a
dilapidated apartment building. Surrounded by unimaginable
filth, she had been neglected by her parents (who Hua could not
locate) for years. Hua was tortured by her condition but knew that
as a SINless child there was little hope for her to  find a normal
life in the overcrowded and corrupt child welfare system. Acting
quickly, he got in touch with Singh and made arrangements for
her to be transported to his farm in the Barrens.
She is stand-offish and nearly mute (capable of making
sounds but not forming words). She has obvious difficulty
comprehending language but can generally grasp concrete
instructions such as, “Go to the river and bring me three buckets of water.”
Despite this, she is by no means stupid and shows an uncanny
knack at physical problem solving, hunting, and so forth.

Assensing Chaaya is an unnerving experience, as her neurological
and emotional scars mar her signature. L’Inc has picked up the faint
but distinct astral signature of a nature spirit.

Chaaya Singh

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