Captain Jack Turner

Human Smuggler


Oggha’s knowledge:

Jack Turner is a thief, through and through. However, he’s a
charming thief, a rogue and a scoundrel that those who know him
can’t help but like. He operates a fishing boat named The Fortune
Hunter out of Pirate’s Cove in the Ork Underground that he uses
to smuggle small, valuable objects into and out of Seattle. He
normally runs guns and BTLs for several local crime bosses.


Contacts to Ask: Criminal

0 0 Wasn’t he in some movie?
1 2 I think he’s a smuggler.
2 6 He works out of the Ork
3 10 He smuggles guns and BTL’s in
through the Underground.
4 16 I hear the Knights (i.e., Knight
Errant) are looking to grab him.
5 20 He’s got a warehouse down in Pirate’s
Cove in the Underground.

Captain Jack Turner

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