Elven Ganger


0 0 Bell Isle? Isn’t that some island resort
or something? What, you planning a
1 3 He’s some combat mage with the
Ancients, I think. Heard him called
Kid Fireball once.
2 6  The kid’s gonna be trouble. He wants
to run the Ancients so bad he can
taste it! Got his daddy’s blood, that’s
for sure.
3 10 Yeah, that’s Green Lucifer’s kid! He’s a
mage, alright, but a wiz on stage, too.
Real popular with the Tír exiles, that


Elven would-be Gang Leader of the Ancients go-gang

His bare arms are more muscled than most elf ’s and lined with tattoos. A prominent Ancients “A” is on each bicep, and an assortment of stylized tattoos run along his tanned skin ranging from Celtic knotwork to motorcycle chain designs, stylized ivy along one forearm, a running stag along another … the crowning piece is a classic-looking rampant gryphon that dominates his chest.


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